9 things that make a man instantly irresistible

He can be so strong that he moves mountains, so beautiful that he dazzles everyone around him, or he can have things he can only dream of, but if he doesn’t have at least half of the following nine qualities, all of the above falls into the water.

Inner strength

There is nothing more attractive than a man who is down to earth and whose quiet self-confidence signals, without a shred of arrogance, that no one needs to be proven.


A man is not strong if he is not vulnerable. This means that he can tell you what he wants, when he is afraid, what he feels towards you, what he has made to correct the mistake he has made, what he has overcome, what he has “thrown” to his knees. Without transparency, there can be no true intimacy.


This “ingredient” separates boys from men. Although they may overshadow at first, women and narcissistic men resort to lies and cheap tricks for personal gain. There is nothing appealing about a man who pretends to be what he is not, who has no deep emotions and who doesn’t care how much “blood” he leaves behind.


A critical way of thinking and an insatiable thirst for learning as well as a talent for a recognizable way of self-expression create a man who is very attractive. Because, he’s worth nothing if he’s just handsome. Absolutely nothing.

Sense of humor

Of course, no one says he should be the clown you laugh at all the time, but it’s very hard to connect with someone who takes everything literally, who is too serious and rarely laughs.


Stinginess is repulsive. And not just stinginess on money but also stinginess on emotions. While squandering money and emotions indicates a lack of control or self-esteem, stinginess indicates a propensity for things to the detriment of people. Indeed, it is not at all appealing to be with someone who is emotionally and physically restrained.


It’s very hard to connect with someone who has built walls around themselves. Compassion, empathy, a smile, joy – all these qualities will “disarm” you, in the true sense of the word. Kindness is appealing. It simply is.



The ability to be aware and present in a moment, even if that moment is painful, is the ultimate form of ambition because it requires a commitment to personal growth that is not for those with a weak heart.

Because of a man who radiates calm self-confidence, who is able to stay calm and composed when faced with challenges, a large number of women kneel.


A man who does not try to dominate in any case, who understands the need for compromise, reciprocity, communication and respect is actually a man worthy of admiration.

Don’t waste time with men who are trying to get you involved in their “games” and who want to control you just to feel like men. These are not men but cowards.

Olla Chica

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