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Tattoo Stickers (19)


We simply adore the way boho tattoo stickers round a total boho-chic look.

For example, if you put silver ones on your hands, the impression will be like you are having a hundred rings and bracelets on your hand and at the same time you might wearing only one turquoise ring.

Secondly, we do have upper arm bracelets in our jewelry category, but frankly, they are often visually good only for very thin arms and if the bracelet’s model is not to narrow.

Here come helpers- a stickers. With them you can have the most effective and beautiful bracelets with no tight feeling and extra skin that is coming through the bracelet’s edges.


Decorate your face too. Why should rhinestones on your forehead be reserved only for Indian women? Be inventive. Free your wild spirit.

If you are thinking of a new or your first tattoo, our boho tattoo stickers will help you to make a decision.

Did we mentioned they look so chic? Especially on a tanned body. Find out which type of skin tone you have, warm or cold, and wear gold sticker for a warm skin tone or silver for cold one to light up your face and for fresh look.

With our tattoo stickers, jewelry is surplus sometimes.


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