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Decorate your legs too with boho anklets.

We thank Egyptian women for anklets today since they are first ones who worn them as an ornament. Also, anklet had a meaning of today’s wedding ring, but there is nothing to worry about if you are single or unmarried.  Most of the people doesn’t know that fact, except now you, our Chicas, so no one will ask questions.

Fun fact: statistics say women mostly wear them on their right ankle. And you?


How do we see this piece of jewelry?

Boho anklets are giving us a sense of freedom.

It is quite unusual having something around the ankle, people are not used to it, so when we do wear anklets, a cloud of self-confidence is above us. We know we are special in that moment because, let’s say, we dare to wear something unconventional.

And this is what we are preaching- be yourself.


Moreover, they look stunning on a bare foot with polished nails or on ankle while wearing pumps and 3/4 length pants. Yes, you can totally incorporate anklets in your every day style if you are usually wearing high-street brands.

Some people say less is more. But with boho jewelry we cannot agree.

We say the more, the merrier! Put a jewelry on every piece of your body at the same time. Don’t forget ankles too ;)


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