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Boho necklaces are to us like a piece of clothes.

We cannot be without them, whether we show decolletage or do not show any skin, around our neck is at least one piece of a beautiful necklace.

With this piece your upper part of clothes doesn’t have to be so colorful and boho chic. The necklace does it all.


Fun fact: the first necklace ever made was of natural shells or stones. Then it was replaced with beads. And what do we have in our store? Yeah, exactly.

In conclusion, your Olla Chica really is in correlation with ancient spirits. On the other hand, we are so happy that you could feel that too by wearing boho necklaces which you can find here.

Look at them. So many variations for every of you. Big and massive, long, short, decent, colorful, chokers, pearls, shells, tassels, beads… We really adore this piece of jewelry and we think you can see that passion :)


We recommend wearing massive ones if you have too open dress or shirt, so you want to hide your cleavage a little bit. Or maybe if you have some scar that needs to be hidden. They really do the trick.

Play with combinations and remember: with boho necklaces you can never overdo.


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