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When your necklace is naked, fulfill it with boho pendants.

In our store, pendants are mostly made of natural stones. That is why they are so special and unique- gem stones transmit positive energy, they are alive, so of course they are natural beauties.

We really are proud of our collection. Each piece is so unique and not standard. Therefore, we are sure you will buy them with a lot of excitement.


We have covered boho pendants all sizes, shapes and colors. Did you know that we have items that glow in a dark? Everyone will ask you where did you get them. Check out!

There is also one item we want to point out: photo pendant! You have to have it. It is great as a gift.

And if you live in clouds like me, Anita-your Chica from this store, then you will like our wishing bottle pendants. We have several types.


Pendants developed from Stone aged way of wearing amulets and talismans around neck. Back then, pendants were actually teeth, stones and shells.

People haven’t changed much. Today we are wearing teeth as a jewelry also, but of course, made of artificial materials :)

We have chosen our boho pendants very carefully, so we are sure you will enjoy shopping and wearing them.

Don’t forget to gift one to your special Chica.


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