Strengthening the power of women after tantra

Strengthening the power of women after tantra

Nowadays, with the flood of all information, there is great confusion in understanding what femininity really is. We have several different ideas about the image of a woman. We have an idea of ​​a vulnerable woman, of a powerless woman, and on the other hand, the concept of gender equality arises, where women imitate men, in business environments they act according to male principles. Again, at the other extreme, strong female movements emerge. In this article, we ask ourselves whether we can clarify the meaning of a woman or what role a woman plays in the eyes of tantra.

Tantra reveals many different aspects of femininity and also masculinity …

Tantrics have long explored the contradictions between men and women. Tantra is a spiritual science of energies and in this respect it also confirms the existence of energies between man and woman, the polarity of energies that can also be used for spiritual development. Thus, in investigating and controlling these different sides of energy, tantrics have found that the male and female side primarily exists in both the individual male and the individual female, simultaneously in both at the same time. Just as the male and female side is in every woman, so is the male and female side in every man.

Given these facts, let us think about what the average person imagines under the label of a female or male principle. It automatically draws us into the notion that a man means that you are strong, strong and muscular, that there is a part of a warrior in such a person.

About a woman, however, we have the notion that she is a fragile, weak person who may need help. She is well-groomed, beautiful and likeable. However, this is not an understanding of the masculine and feminine principle as seen by the tantric.

Tantra reveals to us many different aspects of femininity as well as masculinity, but in today’s discovery we will focus on the feminine aspects. Full femininity, according to the tantric understanding, is much more complex than we understand on an average daily level.

Strengthening the power of women after tantra


First, a woman has access to very different sides of herself, and this is often described in tantra in the language of the seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of our body and each of the seven chakras has its own aspect of receiving and transmitting energy. A true tantric woman develops the ability to access the polarity of individual chakras.

Tantra: equality is not what we have to follow, but it is complementarity

It is noticeable that nowadays there is a kind of gender battle where women have to take over the male domains in order to feel influential in order to have a sense of power.

However, tantrics view gender polarity and the roles of men and women differently. Tantra teaches us that equality is not what we have to follow, but it is complementarity.

In tantra, a woman learns how to use different sides of femininity and change according to what the current situation requires. She doesn’t have to come home to her sweetheart set up from work as a warrior, with a strict military mindset. Because such a mood brings friction into the relationship and is not a good starting point for relaxed intimate moments that the partner could devote free hours to.

In tantra, you can learn procedures and techniques on how to be a warrior when you need to be, outside of your relationship, taking care of things during the work day, e.g. in running small businesses or large companies around the world, if you will. But when you come home without devaluing your partner’s masculinity, you transform into a different role, you are gentler, you support your partner, and more than that, you complement your partner and he complements you back.


Strengthening the power of women after tantraThere are many different sides to femininity. In tantra, each side is clearly explained. You can learn how to achieve change by, for example, transforming from a warrior to a loving partner, which we have already mentioned. These are just two of the most common roles that we women need to navigate in our daily lives. However, there are many more tips, exercises and knowledge that tantra offers us for a more harmonious life.

The beauty of tantra is precisely that with its teachings a woman can achieve fluidity so that she can change her energy, her mindset and adapt to the role needed at that moment without causing excitement or conflict or situation in the situation. tensions in people around her.

This is really real art. Anyone can act relentless and rude, act strong and stable, but that doesn’t mean they master certain skills.

The real skill is to be and become a sophisticated woman who finds her way through even the narrow passages she encounters in life.


Olla Chica

Written by: Somananda, tantric school

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